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Student Rights And Duties

St. Thomas University, Global American Learning NPO, recognizes and respects students’ rights which are the basis of the charter of services:

  • RIGHT to quality education with high-profile faculty, effective teaching methods, and advanced technological infrastructure
  • RIGHT to be informed in a timely, complete, and up-to-date manner about everything related to the activities of the University and teaching in particular
  • RIGHT to access and use learning materials on the 24-hour learning platform
  • RIGHT to use administrative services during the hours established by St. Thomas University
  • RIGHT to be assisted in their educational journey by teachers and tutors by the established procedures and schedules
  • RIGHT to technical support provided by technical assistance
  • RIGHT to submit complaints and suggestions on any inefficiencies
  • RIGHT to confidentiality and protection of personal data by relevant laws

As an institution of higher learning, St. Thomas University:

  • GUARANTEES the right of all able and deserving students to achieve the highest level of education. The right to study is essential for all students. Students who are eligible for scholarships due to academic merit or financial need will be assisted in seeking financial assistance
  • ASSURES its students with the necessary conditions for developing their personality and civic knowledge. The right to participation, free expression, and cultural autonomy are recognized
  • GUARANTEES that students with disabilities will not be excluded from participation in any St. Thomas University program or activity as long as they meet the minimum course admission requirements
  • ASSURE its students with correct and timely information they may need to succeed in their academic endeavors
    Students must:
  • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY to conscientiously strive to achieve the academic goals they have set for themselves. Accordingly, each student must comply with the rules of the University and the courses in which they have enrolled
  • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for knowing the entrance requirements of their specific courses
  • TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for knowing all STU policies or procedures. A student’s lack of knowledge of an STU policy or methodology will not be accepted as grounds for a waiver or exemption from a policy
  • RESPECT the organizational and safety STANDARDS outlinedin STU’s policies and procedures
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