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Student support programs

St Thomas University (STU) embraces stakeholder feedback for continuous quality improvement within our educational services and University operations. To help achieve this goal, STU employs the following techniques.

  1. Student course and instructor feedback surveys. At the end of each course, students are offered a survey through the online LMS to complete regarding course content and instruction.
  2. Enrollment and advisement surveys. Students are offered a survey upon enrollment and after meeting with their advisor, at least once annually, regarding their experience with the process and customer service they received.
  3. Additional support and technical assistance customer satisfaction survey. Upon completing a service request, individuals will be given a brief opportunity to complete a satisfaction survey through a web link.
  4. Graduation survey. Upon graduation, the student will be survived through electronic means regarding their overall program opinions.
  5. General Suggestion/Complaint comment card. STU will develop a feedback form on its website that allows stakeholders to submit general feedback and complaints or ask questions anytime. The comments can be anonymous or named, depending on the complaint type and stakeholder choice.

The designated support area compiles surveys; results are aggregated for each type or course and shared with senior administration monthly or quarterly. Faculty also receive an anonymized summary of course feedback survey after each course or for open entry/exit courses monthly or quarterly, depending on student volume (to ensure anonymity).

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