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Technical requirements for online learning at St. Thomas University

St. Thomas University has gone to great lengths to make its learning platforms accessible in many ways. You can access the platform and course modules from a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or cell phone. St. Thomas University recommends using a desktop PC or laptop computer as your primary device to access courses and complete assignment. Either Window or Apple operating systems are supported and will provide the optimal user experience. In addition to internet access, a student will need access to a productivity software suite, such as Microsoft O365 or Google tools. This suite should include a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software. The following are recommended standards for successful online learning participation.


Operating Systems:Windows 10 or higher (Windows is preferred)
Apple OS 10 or higher (allowable, but not preferred)
Web Browser:Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge
Productivity Suite: Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace
Video Player:Operating system default offering
Ram:8 MB minimum, 16 MB preferred
Hard Drive:40 GB minimum
Input/Output devices: Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones, speakers, microphone, and printer(optional)


Tablets or Cell Phones
If you have a tablet or what to use a tablet it should be a recent operating system, no more than 2 years old and could be Android, Apple, or Windows. It must have a minimum 32 GB tablet, 64 GB or higher is preferred. It is not recommended that you use a tablet or cell phone to complete assignments. While they can be used to access information, the devices are not designed to be used when completing online learning programs and will reduce your overall learning experience.

Internet Connection
You must have an internet connection that can support either 4G or higher connectivity or 200MB if using a land-based internet service. Wireless and wired connections are both supported.

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