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Dear students,
Welcome to our University, American in concept and international in culture and orientation.
In the interest of the students who choose St. Thomas University, we have preferred to prepare and activate, in distance education, a quality of constructive instruction and education to which faculty and students actively interface both on the horizons and richness of innovation and sustainability, on an international stage, continually marked by the uniqueness of the person and their personality.
By studying with us, you will identify that our teaching is focused on your ambitions and active participation in positive social change, in which you will actively participate to integrate yourself as a leader in a global world eager for engaged citizens and leaders.
Our university is a young and dynamic, and burgeoning institution that pursues and fulfills its mission without uncertainty or perplexity, consolidating its identity as a private American institution of higher education by characterizing itself by high academic standards, building a properly international community and by an unwavering dedication to the professional and personal success of its students.
You are welcome to a university where your triumph will be our success, where you will be continually and steadily encouraged, and where the usual limits of classical university learning will be exceeded.
With best wishes,
The Founders

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