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The School of Innovation and Intelligence is an interdisciplinary institution that oversees various academic disciplines, including Computer and Data Science, Math for Artificial Intelligence, Computational Life Sciences and Bioinformatics, Software Engineering, Architecture, Web and Information Systems, Intelligent Sensing (Robotics, Real-Time Systems, and Computer Vision), and Artificial Intelligence Systems.
The curriculum of our courses is meticulously designed to cultivate the proactive and preeminent roles of computer science professionals. Our primary objective is to equip our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to developing an open and dynamic knowledge society. To achieve this, we foster collaboration between our students and professionals from diverse fields such as design, anthropology, and psychology.
Within our educational offerings, we have developed a Bachelor’s degree program that imparts fundamental information technology skills. Additionally, we provide specialized Master’s degree programs that delve into the most sought-after topics in the contemporary workforce. These programs are specifically designed to meet the demands of the industry and enable our graduates to excel in their respective fields.

The programs offered by the school are:

The school is directed by Dr. Alexander N. Chen, MS Rural Sociology, MAG, Ph.D. 
Dr. Chen worked as an Assistant Professor in Management Information Systems (MIS) at Penn State Altoona. Dr. Chen started his administrative career as an Associate Provost of the International Program at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke in 2001. He started the English as a Second Language (ESL) program and joint degrees (2+2 for undergraduate programs) and (1+1 for graduate programs) with Chinese Universities (China University of Mining and Technology, Harbin Normal University, and others). As a result, 10 Master of Public Administration (MPA) students came to UNCP for graduation. After that, he worked for Macau University of Science and Technology as Registrar (Provost) and Vice President for four and half years. He successfully helped revise the curriculum during that period, so the credits were transferrable to Western society. He also founded and served as interim founding Dean of the School of Arts and Humanity. Dr. Chen returned to the University of Central Arkansas as Associate Vice President for International Engagement. He successfully built up the Global Education Programs (GEP) and built up 40 partner schools throughout the world.
Dr. Chen is a full professor of Management at the University of Central Arkansas. His research areas include information technology adoption for senior citizens and schoolteachers. He also conducted electronic payment studies in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Ivory Coast, Brazil, Mexico, China, the United States, etc. Moreover, he has publications in health prevention, perceptions of ethics among college students, factors associated with entrepreneurs in Arkansas, and other areas.

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