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STU seeks to actively participate in the educational process by educating the growing educational needs in the development process that sees a huge gap between Western economies and so-called “emerging” countries that generate significant social and economic tensions. Access to education is one of the main factors of social inequality and the common denominator of the ills that afflict this historical moment: ills that must be cured addressed the growing awareness of the advantage of solidarity, adapting, first of all, more than the economic model, the educational model which, in this regard, plays a role of primary importance. STU wants to intervene in areas where quality education is still inaccessible to most of the population to reduce this main factor of social and economic inequality. The lack of adequate education has lifelong consequences. It is a deficiency that, more than others, tends to make social-economic conditions preclude children from improving their social and economic conditions compared to their fathers, making poverty hereditary.
In addition, new technologies are radically reshaping more or less all areas of educational activity. Their use is a massive opportunity for those who know how to use them and acquire the necessary skills.
They pose a severe obstacle for those who do not possess educational skills and are relegated to the margins of change.

In light of the highlighted purposes, STU has developed its academic focus on the following:

  • structured academic courses on the use of new technologies;
  • reduction of the skills gap in the English language;
  • faculty who can transfer their skills through technology;
  • logistical and economic accessibility to education through the provision of online academic pathways;
  • accessibility to U.S. academic education methodologies recognized internationally as the best for preparing knowledgeable and competent future citizens.

In addition:

  • STU operates from a developmental perspective as a function of progress and with a new and far-reaching vision that involves especially the less affluent classes in building an industrious and meritocratic, resource-conscious society;
  • STU will provide graduates with satisfying job opportunities while strengthening their entrepreneurial attitude;
  • STU ensures the University’s financial security and well-being by managing income and expenditures in a balanced manner, engaging potential donors, and creating conditions for private support of the University.
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