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The College of International Business covers economics, business, mathematics, and statistics expertise. It aims to promote the dissemination of culture and the advancement of theoretical and applied research in economic and international disciplines. It recognizes the importance of interdisciplinary scientific input and a plurality of analytical methods and business principles, encouraging intellectual discussion and debate. On this basis, the College of International Business encourages integration and coordination between research and teaching activities.

Evaluation and reward criteria and internationalization constitute the tools for disseminating knowledge and enhancing relations with society regionally, nationally, and internationally. In this context, training young people naturally becomes a focal point of the College of International Business activities, which aims to enhance educational offerings and research projects by creating close connections and interrelationships between the latter’s results and the contents proposed by the courses of study.

This is also achieved with the support and active participation of the working world’s reference actors (stakeholders).

The programs offered by the College are:

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Digital Economy
  • International Business
  • Green Business Management

Master of Business Administration – MBA with a concentration in:

  • Green Management, Energy, and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Marketing and Digital Communication
  • International Banking and Finance
  • Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance
  • Circular Economy Management


Certificate in Introduction to International Business (*)
Certificate in Fundamentals Organizational Leadership

The degree programs offered by the school are:

The college is directed by Dr. Jeffrey Richard Bolles, MA in Exercise Physiology, MBA, Ph.D.
Dr. Jeff Bolles has more than 25 years of experience in higher education, 20 of which have included administrative responsibilities. Having transitioned from being an associate professor and department chair of healthcare administration to his current role as the assistant director of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program and lecturer in finance and management, Dr. Bolles has worked across multiple disciplines and with a diverse pool of professionals and students alike. Fittingly, he has developed an eclectic research agenda that includes corporate finance in healthcare, global health systems analysis, healthcare quality, behavioral finance, personal finance, behavioral theory across disciplines, and organizational leadership. Strategic and calculating, Dr. Bolles is a problem solver, change leader, and trailblazer who seeks opportunities to grow programs, increase student preparedness, and develop professional networks. He employs a student-centered approach to teaching and administration, setting high expectations while providing the encouragement and resources needed to exceed them. Conclusively, Dr. Bolles subscribes to the holistic development of students and a program-wide commitment to excellence.

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