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St. Thomas University, Global American Learning, is promoted and currently controlled by American e-Learning Investments, Inc (AEI), a company incorporated in the State of Wyoming. The founders have been working in the field of quality education for several decades, and all their initiatives have consistently been recognized by the competent authorities of the nations in which they have operated by obtaining the necessary authorizations for operation and recognition of the degrees awarded. Socially committed nonprofit organizations have decided to invest further in education, with the full realization that the insufficiency of culture and the explosive growth of knowledge concentrated in the hands of privileged elites have only increased the well-being of some and much less that of others.
They fully endorse the goals highlighted in the 2030 Agenda and are supported by all United Nations member states.
They will focus all their actions based on the three principles enunciated by the Nobel laureates of Economics:

  1. Fight poverty with cultural innovation
  2. Competitiveness with technological innovation
  3. Increasing productivity by promoting cooperation and collaboration

STU is an independent institution in which higher education is based on high-level studies aimed at broadening knowledge and contributing to the betterment of the society in which it operates from a developmental perspective as a function of progress and with a new and far-reaching vision that especially involves the lower classes in building an industrious, meritocratic and resource-conscious society.

STU maintains its independence and freedom from any external political or economic power; it is a culturally open university in which the variety of personal experiences and backgrounds is valued and encouraged because it is precisely these differences that foster mutual knowledge, understanding of social phenomena, the development of knowledge and the education of future citizens of a globalized world.

The values that guide and inspire all activities of the entire community of students, faculty, and administrative staff are meritocracy, integrity, respect, openness, pluralism, social responsibility, and differences in gender, ethnicity, religion, age, nationality, ability, socio-economic status, and geographic origin are valued and welcomed by the entire STU community in a context of mutual respect.

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