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Judgment of Academic Infraction

Students who violate the standards of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action. Violations of STU policy may result in a verbal warning, suspension, ending, and expulsion. Academic cases arising from alleged violations of the University Code of Conduct are the responsibility of the Academic Standards Committee, chaired by the Provost and composed of all Dean of Schools and two Student Government representatives. Students can express their personal feelings on the matter in writing to the Dean of the School up to three days before the Committee meeting.
Jurisdiction over academic charges is continuous, and depending on the severity of the infractions, the Academic Standards Committee may also provide for the immediate expulsion of the student from the University. Some violations of the University Code of Conduct are related to specific acts of academic dishonesty. Students who commit acts of academic dishonesty will receive at least one failing grade on the work in question or the entire course. This will be determined based on the evaluation of the teacher, the Academic Standards Committee, and the level of the violation.
If a student fails a course for academic dishonesty, they cannot subsequently withdraw from the course. The standard practice for repeating a course in these situations still applies. In the case of a repeated course, the failing grade “F” will be replaced by “NC,” which indicates that the failing grade is no longer calculated in the student’s grade point average.
The Academic Standards Committee will immediately expel the student if academic dishonesty is repeated.

Disciplinary Appeals
Students who believe a disciplinary action taken against them by the Academic Standards Committee is unfair may appeal in writing to the President. All appeals must be filed within 15 days of the disciplinary action being assigned to the student.
The decision of the President is final and unappealable.

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