A student may register for courses even if they do not meet the prerequisite requirement with the permission of the course faculty member to waive the prerequisite. A student without prerequisites or the faculty member’s consent to waive conditions will be automatically dropped from a course unless the Registrar’s Office has received proof of prerequisite completion or the prerequisite waiver approval form.

During the admission process, students will have the opportunity to choose one of STU’s majors. If students do not declare their major at admission, they will be classified as undeclared majors.
After admission and enrollment, students may declare or change their major by completing the Declaration and Change of Major or Concentration form in the Registrar’s Office.
As specified in each degree program, applicants must fulfill all course requirements to graduate. If the student decides to change majors, they must inform their faculty advisor and complete a new declaration of change of major or concentration form. Students are required to declare a major by the completion of 60 credits.

Students who wish to change their course of study may consult their academic representative. The student must sign a new enrollment agreement and meet the admission requirements of the new program. The student must then complete the curricular or degree requirements of the new program. If some previously completed courses meet some provisions of the new program, these are recognized.

A student may choose to repeat a course for which an “F” grade has been assigned. The “F” grade will remain on the student’s transcript regardless of the passing grade for the repeated course.
The new passing grade, not the “F,” will be counted in the cumulative GPA, and a mark of “NC” (No Credit) will be placed next to the original “F” grade on the transcript.
Only in exceptional cases may a student repeat a course for which they have earned a passing grade, and they must obtain permission from the Academic Standards Committee. This may be done only once, and the second grade will determine the GPA. The student must submit a written request to the Academic Standards Committee for permission.
The repeated course must be identical to the original system in title and credits. Some changes to the curriculum may require an exception. Credit for a course may be given only once.
If the student receives a grade of W in the repeated course, the previous step will remain in the student’s cumulative GPA.
Courses taken at other institutions cannot be used to replace grades earned.
Students must file a repeat request form with the Registrar’s Office whenever they wish to repeat a course.

Students may petition the Academic Standards Committee in cases where they believe they have a justifiable reason for failing the course or being absent from the final exam. Such petitions must be submitted in writing to the Dean of the School at least seven days before the termination date of the course in question. If the petition is approved, a grade of “I” (Incomplete) is assigned.
After completing all course requirements, the instructor will review the student’s final grade. It is STU’s policy that incomplete work must be completed within the first month following the date the Incomplete was assigned. The professor and the Academic Dean will decide the due date for completing the work.
If the student fails to finish the Incomplete work by these deadlines, the “I” grade will become an “F” grade, which is a failure for that course.
Students must complete a course completion agreement form available in the Registrar’s Office. The form must be signed by both student and faculty member and submitted to the Registrar’s Office for the “I” grade to be recorded.

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