The Certification Program in Primary and Secondary online teaching is forthcoming

Faculty Author: Dr. Michael T. Miller, Ed.D.

St. Thomas University now offers an introductory certificate program to help primary and secondary-level teachers become master online teachers. The program is based on five progressive modules. Beginning with an overview of online teaching, participants grow their skills in developing instruction that can be adapted to almost any online learning management system. As the first module provides an overview of online teaching, the second module focuses on the fundamentals of online course design, considering variables such as student characteristics, online resources, and learning and instructional outcomes. The remaining three modules tackle some of the most difficult areas of quality online instruction: teaching online, engaging students online, and assessing student learning. Each module is approximately one-hour in length and can be completed remotely. Participants then demonstrate their proficiency with the material by completing a written exam, and with a passing score, are awarded a certificate from the internationally recognized university, St. Thomas.

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