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The Master of Science in Public Health Nursing prepares students for leadership positions as public health nurses in community health organizations, public health departments, visiting nurses, home care, and federal agencies. Students learn to monitor and study health trends, identify health risk factors, develop public and community health programs, and educate patients and communities on health issues that can improve health and save lives, focusing on underserved and marginalized populations. The Master aims to develop advanced nursing skills for the needs of individual citizens and the teaching, work, and welfare communities. It is necessary to manage, plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate preventive, global, continuous, timely, and high-quality assistance strategies in response to real or potential health problems.

Educational Objectives and Methodology

The Master’s program develops activities related to the design, implementation, and evaluation of:

  • Health promotion and prevention interventions;
  • Welfare interventions to the person, family, and caregiver;
  • Educational interventions, training, and counseling;
  • Epidemiological and multidimensional survey in communities and families;
  • Organizational analysis of organizations, groups, and associations.

At the end of the Master’s program, the student will be able to:

  • Carry out an analysis of the community under investigation
  • Carry out nursing care centered on the health problems and needs of the person cared for or the family concerning age, degree of autonomy, and the need to maintain and develop emotional and social ties;
  • Manage (plan, monitor, and evaluate) the nursing process as part of the team in cooperation with the person, family, and community.
  • Promote therapeutic education of the family, person, and caregiver.
  • Contribute to health promotion through population health education, prevention, and early diagnosis.
  • Apply caregiving processes in public health settings.
  • Apply social empowerment and self-empowerment interventions.
  • Manage human and material resources for services to achieve effective, efficient, and consistent care.
  • Participate in staff training activities.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of preventive interventions in family, social-health, territorial, and educational settings.
  • Participate in research activities.

The methodological approach is oriented on education to prioritize health problems, derived from the observation that the educational system is one of the leading health service and policy support systems. It will be dynamically oriented toward priority health problems related to preventive, educational, and care strategies.

Job opportunities

The areas where the Public Health Nurse works in a dependent or freelance capacity are:

Preventive medicine centers, physician-associated practices, nursing outpatient clinics, hospital services, such as nursing services management, district services, home care, disability office management, etc.; support centers for self-help groups, immigrant centers, prisons, sports centers; educational facilities and Workplaces (Industries, banks, etc.).

Curricular Program (48 CH)
All students must complete 42 Credit Hours for the MS in Public Health Nursing, including 15 Credit Hours for their Internship, Research, and Capstone Project.

    MAT/150 – Foundation of Probability and Statistics
    ENG/510 – Efficacy Communication and Public Speaking in the Health Professions
    NUR/510 – Health Care Quality
    NUR/530 – Epidemiology for Clinicians
    NUR/550 – Health Disparities
    NUR/600 – Research Methodology in Nursing
    NUR/570 – Leadership in Health Systems
    NUR/590 – Nursing Ethics, Health Policy, and Politics
    NUR/600 – Research Methodology in Nursing
    NUR/610 – Advanced Public Health Nursing I
    NUR/630 – Advanced Public Health Nursing II
  2. INTERNSHIP (6 CH – 360 hours)
    PHN/670 – Advanced Public Health Practice I
    PHN/675 – Advanced Public Health Practice II
  3. RESEARCH (6 CH)
    PHN/690 – Capstone Project
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