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STU Academic Calendar and Class Schedule

The academic year is individualized for each student in that it begins with the first course in a degree program and ends when the student has completed the required credits and weeks of class time.
A week of instructional time is seven consecutive days in which classes are held. In asynchronous distance learning courses, the instructional time is based on the student completing the instructional activity.
Courses related to a bachelor’s degree program last five consecutive weeks; courses related to a master’s program last six consecutive weeks. When students finish a course, they may begin the new one immediately the following week.
A maximum of two courses may be enrolled in at the same time. However, STU suggests that students take one course at a time, as this intensive mode allows the student to focus more attention and resources on a single topic and is an instructional mode that enhances learning and helps students achieve their educational goals in a more time-efficient and outcome-oriented manner.
Class time is measured from the first day of class or examination and does not include vacations, scheduled academic breaks, or orientation periods.
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