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Curricula and Plans of Study

Each student’s study plan includes the compulsory activities referred to in the preceding paragraph, any educational activities envisaged as optional, and independently chosen activities.
Credits acquired as a result of examinations that may have been successfully taken for teaching addition to those countable to complete the path leading to the degree remain recorded in the student’s career and may give rise to subsequent recognition. Still, the evaluations obtained should be included in the calculation of the grade point average of the profit examinations.
The courses offered are numbered:
• Numbered less than 100 are preparatory courses and do not give credit
• Numbered 100 to 299 are courses for first-year students, sophomores, or other introductory-level courses
• Numbered 300 to 399 are junior or senior-level courses that require in-depth knowledge of the subject matter
• Numbered 400 to 499 are senior-level courses
• Numbered 500 to 900 refer to post-graduate level courses
Course objectives, prerequisites, syllabi, requirements, and evaluation procedures will be clearly stated and made available to students in a written syllabus. Students must meet all prerequisites before registering for a course. Requirements are listed at the end of each course description.
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