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STU Academic Calendar and Class Schedule

As an online university, STU does not adopt a traditional academic calendar, has no deadlines, and accepts enrollments year-round. The academic year is therefore customized for each student: it begins with the first eligible course in a degree program and ends when the student completes the required credits and weeks of instructional time.
A week of instructional time is a period of 7 consecutive days in which class is held or, in asynchronous distance courses, is the period in which the student is required to complete the instructional activities that STU makes available to him or her.
Undergraduate programs aimed at earning a bachelor’s degree, require a minimum of 30 credits and 40 weeks of teaching. Master’s and Doctoral programs provide a minimum of 30 credits and 60 weeks of teaching.
Courses about a bachelor’s degree program run for 5 consecutive weeks while courses about a master’s or doctoral program run for 6 consecutive weeks. When a student finishes a course, he/she may start the new one immediately the following week.
It is permissible to enroll in up to two courses at the same time although STU suggests that students take one course at a time as this intensive mode of training allows the student to focus more attention and resources on one subject and is an instructional mode that improves learning and helps students achieve their educational goals more efficiently in terms of time and results.
Class time is generally measured from the first day of class or exam and does not include vacations provided by the U.S. calendar, scheduled academic breaks, or orientation periods.
As an international university and in keeping up with its mission, STU places special emphasis on proficiency in written and spoken English. At the beginning of their education at the University, all students are required to take a sequence of courses in English composition and literature to develop the ability to think logically, communicate accurately and clearly, and appreciate the beauty and power reflected in the rich literary heritage. These skills will be used and reinforced throughout my college career.
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