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The School of Technological Innovation and Transfer of Knowledge coordinates the disciplinary areas of Computer Science, Data Science, Maths for Artificial Intelligence, Computational Life Sciences and Bioinformatics, Software Engineering, and Architecture, Web and Information Systems, Intelligent sensing (Robotics, Real-Time Systems, and Computer Vision), Artificial Intelligence and Decision Systems.
Teaching activities are structured to make visible and enhance the proactive and preeminent role computer science professions can play at this beginning of the millennium. The faculty members of this department train information society designers capable of shaping a truly open and dynamic knowledge society by collaborating with designers, anthropologists, and psychologists.
The School has devised a bachelor’s degree program that provides basic skills in information technology and two master’s degrees that delve into the topics most demanding in the world of work today:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

with a concentration in:

  • Innovative Technologies for Digital Communication
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Information and Knowledge
  • Languages and Systems
  • Networks and Information Systems

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence Systems

with a concentration in:

  • Computer Vision
  • Methodologies
  • Intelligent Robots
  • Artificial Intelligence and Innovation

Master of Science in Cybersecurity

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