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Seth N. Miner

Yuma, AZ 85365  |
(928) 318-9067 |  

Professor of Philosophy, Arizona Western College (12/2019- Present)

  • Instructed courses include: Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Ethics, Introduction to Logic, and Medical Ethics.
  • Lecture modalities include in-person, online, and Zoom.
  • Develops writing intensive (WI) curriculum.
  • Creates unique, thought-provoking, and engaging lessons, discussions, and writing material.
  • Leads an environment that promotes student growth, independence, and moral practice in and outside the classroom.
  • Designs Canvas courses for clear, student-friendly use.
  • Participates in committee, departmental, and faculty meetings.
  • Co-leads the AWC philosophy club.
  • Serves as an the Pathways Faculty Advisor for students in the Social Sciences division on educational and career goals.

The University of Arizona in Yuma Guest Lecturer (11/2019 – Present)
The University of Arizona-Yuma
Ethics Emphasis for STEM careers in agriculture, engineering, and computer science.
•    Lectures on Ethics, Ethical Theories and Ethical Principles, The Fundamental Usefulness of Thought Experiments, Critical Thinking in STEM, AI Ethics, and Identifying Fallacies.

Philosophy Tutor/Supplemental Instructor (09/2014 – 02/2019)
Arizona Western College

  • Held after class sessions regarding studying strategies and recommended plans of action to help students meet academic goals.
  • Instructed students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to help to improve writing and reading skills.
  • Supporteddisabled students to learn at their own pace through uniquelycrafted tutoring techniques and the Socratic Method.

MSc Philosophy: Epistemology, Ethics and Mind (10/2019)
University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland)

  • Dissertation: The Complimentary Pairing of Existentialism and Virtue Ethics
  • Courses included: Ethics, Advanced Ethics, Philosophical Methods I, Philosophical Methods II,Philosophy of Religion, and Philosophy of Science.

Bachelor of Philosophy: Emphasis in Ethics (05/2018)
The University of Arizona (Tucson, Arizona)

Associate of Philosophy (05/2016)
Arizona Western College (Yuma, Arizona)

Associate of Arts (05/2016)
Arizona Western College (Yuma, Arizona)

Witherspoon Institute First Principles Seminar at Princeton University (Summer 2017)
Princeton, New Jersey

  • Intimate seminar for advanced undergraduates and graduate students around the globe.
  • Focused on moral foundations of free and democratic societies andthe relation between natural law and the theologico-political question — that is — the question of the best way of life, enshrined inthe best laws, supportedby thebest form of political regime.

The University of Arizona Assessment Institute (Fall 2020-May 2021)

  • Developed knowledge, skills, and tools needed to plan and implement robust assessments.
  • Effectively synthesized, communicated, and used assessment results to boost student career outcomes.
  • Developed correlation assessment between job placement and experiential learning courses of UA grads.


  • College Reading and Learning Association International Tutor Certification (09/2014).
  • Certified Proctor through UA and ServSafe (01/2021).


  • Fourth level proficiency in Spanish through UA and AWC.
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