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Russell Bruce Rein

Senior Educational Administrator
South African DOB: 10 January 1960
Email:  ru ssel l .b . rei n @gm ai l .co m
Mobile: +66 65 037 8494

I have been a professional educator for 28 years following an 11 year stint in the corporate world, all
39 years of which have been in the service-to-people, and supported by an undergraduate and post- graduate degree in Business & Managerial Economics from South Africa, and an MBA in Educational Management (with distinction) from the UK.

Lives by the credo “How to Make it Happen”. Diversely talented and highly effective senior leadership executive with outstanding service industry expertise. Senior academic and corporate exposure gained in the public, private and entrepreneurial sectors, supported by an MBA. Passionate about superior customer service, the growth and development of students, supported by extensive knowledge of the international education landscape.

Brings a professional approach and known for utilizing fervent implementation skills to transform a shared vision and strategy into actionable and financially stable reality with a remarkable can -do reputation. Sets high expectations for self and team, counterbalanced by an honest, empathetic and respectful approach that delivers results. Strong mentorship skills that encourages staff commitment and extraordinary accomplishment.

Possesses a very broad and diverse range of skills with strong interpersonal and communication talents. Builds consensus with all stakeholders and follows a collaborative approach in seeking win- win outcomes. Core strengths in financial management, customer service, relationship management, marketing, human resources, technology, and project and facilities management.

Thrives under the challenge of leading demanding assignments. Energized by daily diversity in functional roles and equally at home one-on-one or the boardroom of large institutions.

Proven Areas of Knowledge and Expertise
Strategic / Tactical Analysis & Execution
Budgeting / Planning / Forecasting
Project Management & Logistics
Human Resources Plannin
Facilities / Resource Planning
Large Event Planning/Graduations
Communication / Media / PR
Accreditation and Quality
Operational Administration
Regulatory Compliance Management
High-Level Relationship Management §
Creative Problem Solving
Team Building / Mentoring / Leadership
Planning and Design of Systems, Policies and ProceduresPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE


May 2019 – Present

The Asian Institute of Technology is an autonomous international postgraduate educational institution
situated 42 km north of Bangkok. Through its three Schools, of Engineering; Environment, Resources, and Development; and Business, it services around 1,600 students from around 40 countries. It promotes social impact technological change and sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region and has over 24,000 alumni that hold leadership positions in government, academia, business, and international organizations in more than 100 countries around the world. Part of 4 team administration accountable for all non-academic services including budgeting and finance, human and physical resource allocation, human resources, facilities and project management, inform ation technology, procurement, outreach activities, and the international Pre-K to G6 school, and other broad leadership roles in support of the President.

Selected Accomplishments:

1. Serve on the Board Of Trustees and its sub-committees (Executive Committee, Audit Committee)
2. Structure and monitored US$ 20 to $30 million annual budget, to sustain effective use of funds and institutional longevity
3. Saved US$ 2million annually through efficiencies in staffing and operational service provider expenses
4. Introduced software that enables the AIT international school to send out invoices to Non-AIT parents, remitting tuition fees earlier than before
5. The AIT international school held a virtual graduation ceremony, using a robot
6. Introduced a new and online staff performance review system to prepare for future pay refor
7. Installed air conditioning in 70% of dorms (40% in 2019) and hot water in 75% of dorms (0% in 2019)
8. Project managed the installation of the smart modified classrooms in the academic buildings to facilitate online education during the COVID-19 pandemic situation, with costs covered by sponsored donations
9. Started the COVID-19 pandemic task force to manage the safety and health of all stakeholders of AIT
10. Supported the Facilities Director with the setup and implementation of the Organizational Quarantine quarters, with a hospital partner and access by their students, including community and home isolation support for AIT
11. Updated all pertinent Policy & Procedures, covering 73 articles (and over 600 pages)
12. Streamlined employee services through revised contracts of employment, a new employee guide and FAQ, a structured onboarding process with mentors, an automated leave system, and an online timesheet process
13. Provided students with expert professional counseling services, a caring service-minded approach, and formal protocols to deal with student needs/cases
14. Introduced efficient financial services through online automation of budgets, a variety of online payment systems (Credit Card, WeChat, Alipay) and QR codes for donors/sponsors/students, automated direct payments to replace checks; and monthly performance reporting
15. Promoted the health and well-being of employees by facilitating influenza flu vaccinations for the AIT Community and General Health Check-up for AIT employees
16. Initiated support from the alumni body and organizations, through the Alumni Office, to renovate the student villages and student dormitory rooms to improve the quality of campus living of stude nts
17. Project managed the conversion of the entire AIT campus into a seamless high performing Wi-Fi connected hub and community
18. Institutionalize sustainability in all that AIT does, integrating sustainability principles in its academics, research, administration, campus development, and engagement with stakeholders


January 2016 – April 2019

ISG Jubail is one of six schools of the International Schools Group District, offering an American style international curriculum to around 750 students, with the IB Diploma Program having been implemented in August 2018. ISG Jubail strives for academic excellence and aims at providing a dynamic educational experience that focuses on the whole child, including their social and emotional wellbeing. It lives its Mission: “We inspire innovation and compassionate action”. Part of 4 team administration accountable for all non-academic services including budgeting and finance, human and physical resource allocation, human resources, facilities and project management, information technology, safety and security, transportation, accommodation, food services, teaching and assessing business administration students, and other broad leadership roles in support of the Head of School/Principal.

Selected Accomplishments:
1. Serve on the District Leadership Team and the Business Finance Office Team
2. Structured and monitored US$ 15 million budget at school level; and consulted on the US$ 75 million budget at District level, to sustain effective use of funds and institutional longevity
3. Saved US$ 2million through efficiencies in staffing and operational expenses
4. Created transparent accommodation guidelines for international hire employees; with a 25% savings on accommodation units over 2 years
5. Lead for new school campus initiative aiming at 1,000 plus students; within a budget of US$ 24 million
6. Served on School Improvement Team leading to new ISG Jubail Strategic Plan
7. Initiated HR remuneration deliberations and employment negotiations
8. Crafted responses to Standards in support of Middle States Association Accreditation and reviewed accreditation documents
9. Introduced cafeteria food services
10. Drafted Handbooks and Policies/Procedures for support services
11. Replaced Google forms with a one-stop services portal to facilitate efficient support services requests, instilling a customer focused approach to the provision of support services
12. Liaison between Saudi military, Royal Commission security, and outsourced security guards

AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF PHNOM PENH, PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA Vice President of Finance and Administration

August 2014 – January 2015

The American University of Phnom Penh, admitting its first students in late 2013, is the first and only American-style university in the country, providing a rigorous, principled, American-style educational opportunity to the youth of Cambodia. Their goal is to offer a quality post-secondary educational option in Cambodia to the citizens of the Kingdom. Part of 3 team executive accountable for finance and budgeting, financial forecasting, resource allocation, facilities management, information technology, human resources, marketing and PR, student recruitment and admissions, registrar, operations, and safety/security.

Selected Accomplishments:
1. Developed 5 Year budget for educational start-up funding from World Bank
2. Initiated organizational restructuring changes to focus on marketing and student recruitment
3. Designed new campus with architects aiming at 1,000 plus students
4. Drafted the first Institutional handbooks and policies & procedures
5. Arranged and selected first external Auditor
6. Increased online presence of AUPP, particularly on Facebook, the main marketing/PR forum
7. Revised Vision, Mission, and Values culminating in a five year Strategic Plan
8. Contributed to Cambodian Accreditation Authority (CAA) and prepared AUPP accreditation documents
9. Amended HR employment contracts for consistency and equity
10. Created seamless admissions and registrar processes


May 2010 – June 2014

Chief of Staff to the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs (Provost)
The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), established in 1976, is the first and oldest government accredited comprehensive research-based institution, the Flagship of the Nation, with over 13,500 students and 3,000 staff. It is ranked # 370 in the 2012/2013 QS World University Rankings with its research ranked as number one in the GCC countries, number two in the Arab World, and ninth in the entire Muslim world.
Part of the senior executive team responsible for the broader UAEU, leading a direct team of 12 staff. Accountable for providing leadership, direction, design, and implementation of the project management and administrative support functions necessary to enable the institutional mission of the UAEU and Provost; across Admissions and Registration, Institutional Communication & Marketing, HR, Finance & Administration, Facilities, Student Affairs, and the Library.

Selected Accomplishments:
1. Active member of the Senior Executive Cabinet, Budget Committee, Procurement Committee, Compensation Committee, and Deans Group
2. Chair of the Space & Safety Committee
3. Significant contributions to strategic planning and institutional review and accreditation
4. Increased presence of UAEU in the news, particularly online, directing the communication and marketing strategy and its tactical implementation
5. Compiled standardized marketing collateral and the UAEU Annual Report enhancing the presence of the UAEU in the community
6. Facilitated recruitment of senior leadership of UAEU, of both an academic and administrative nature, with the appointment of Vice Provosts, Deans, and other senior positions
7. Institutional budget preparation and equitable resource allocation
8. Relocation to new centralized campus and student residences, over three phases
9. Managed a range of complex and diverse projects across multiple functions/departments
10. High profile Commencement and Graduation Ceremonies, and a major UAEU Event, UAEU Education & Research, visited by prominent leaders of the community
11. Created a new culture of shared responsibility, participation, and contribution

KHADAMAT FACILITIES MANAGEMENT LLC, AL AIN, UAE (serving the UAEU above) Scheduling Manager

December 2007 – April 2010

A joint venture company formed primarily to operate the new AED 1.7 billion UAEU Campus at Maqam in Al Ain. It combined the investment and development skills of Mubadala Development Company, which is 100% owned by the Abu Dhabi government and the facilities management skills of Serco, a leading UK and global facilities management company.
Part of the 5 team senior management responsible for 150 employees, leading a team of 7 staff. Accountable for the organization of space for 13,000 students, over 580 classrooms/labs, more than
1,000 faculty and instructors, and in the region of 180 College curricular.

Selected Accomplishments:
1. Contributed to the strategic implementation and ramp-up of the Project
2. Developed values that drive the corporate governance of Khadamat
3. Monitored agreed performance standards to mitigate their impact on the bottom line, achieving 100% of desired KPI standards
4. Played an active leadership role in the development and costing of additional administrative service solutions through liaison with decision-makers within the UAEU
5. Liaised strategically with the UAEU Registrar Division and Information Technology Services, to ensure the acceptable delivery of space and class and examination scheduling solutions
6. Mentored the team to be a cohesive and effective unit to provide a superior experience that ‘delights’ the customer
7. Developed annual operational plans to administer the scheduling office, with cost savings


May 2006 – October 2007

One of the oldest UAE licensed, accredited and privately owned universities in Dubai, with Australian heritage that served 3,500 students from its facilities in Knowledge Village. Totally self-funding reliant on student fees/income to provide an acceptable return to its shareholder.Part of 3 team executive responsible for 250 employees, leading a team of 11 managers and a division of over 110 staff. Accountable for International and Domestic Marketing and Student Recruitment, Admissions and Registrar, Human Resources, Finance, Facilities Management Services, Student and Residential Services, Library Services, and IT Services.

Selected Accomplishments:
1. Formulated the strategic framework and day-to-day operational services requirements to complement academic offerings and to enhance student life
2. Restructured the marketing department to include an admissions manager responsible for the sales function of student recruitment and conversion, increasing new student enrolment by over 15% year-on-year
3. Hired a new advertising agency with PR links that enhanced the frequency of exposure of UOWD, culminating in an article appearing in a newspaper every day for one-week
4. Designed HR systems to monitor casual staff budget overruns and trialed an online recruitment application now adopted by the group
5. Top and bottom-line financial acumen that optimized the overall performance on turnover of US $30 million ensuring a consistent return in excess of 20% to the shareholder
6. Acquired an additional 18% campus space for autumn 2007 and formulated requirements for campus expansion plans into Abu Dhabi and a self-contained Dubai campus option
7. Launched a number of new holistic student development initiatives with an orientation week, multicultural week, Iftar dinners, residential newsletter, and residence advisors
8. Negotiated and oversaw the purchase and replacement of all 432 DELL desktops and laptops supported by a three year service level agreement
9. Improved the corporate governance of UOWD with a student authentication logon process


October 1997 – April 2006

Head of Academic (Registrar) and Student Services, Chair of Business, Faculty.
Federally funded colleges admitting only Emirati’s and offering vocational credentials through a system of 17 decentralized campuses based on the North American model. Worked at Dubai Men’s College and Sharjah Women’s College with student populations of about 1,900.
Part of management team of 16 leading teams of up to 25 in growing organizations of up to 180 staff. As Head of Academic and Student Services accountable for Student Recruitment, Admissions and Registry, Student Services, and Institutional Effectiveness and Quality Assurance. As Chair of Business accountable to 400 students for all academic programs and all related advising, counseling, and personal development. As Faculty taught classes of up to 20 students in fields of financial services, computer information processing, and business.

Selected Accomplishments:
1. Grew business student enrolments from 180 to 400 students in four years in the face of stiff competition from ‘the vogue’ IT programs at the time
2. Served on the task force that recommended the introduction of Syllabus Plus, an online timetabling software compatible with Banner
3. Wrote and edited student publications and other communication material
4. Developed, tested and implemented an online grading system initially in Excel and then on an Oracle based college Portal
5. Developed and implemented accreditation and quality assurance requirements for internal, SACS, and ACBSP accreditation
6. Team member that implemented and tested the upgrade of the Banner ERP system
7. Monitored the financial performance of fee-paying students and grew the revenue of the IELTS Testing Centre by 40%
8. Planned and seamlessly executed national CEPA tests for about 1,000 candidates in two shifts
9. Executed a major four-day college-wide event, Mosaic, visited by about 7,000 students and the community
10. Placed over 700 students per annum in work experience/job placement opportunities
11. Ensured a graduate work placement rate of 82% by forging excellent relationships with public and private sector employers
12. Mentored at least 10 staff to take leadership positions within the HCT and other organizations


Prior to October 1997
Senior Manager

Trade Advisor

Committees and Professional Development:
NESA Leadership Conference 2016 & 2017
Lead Institutional Quality Assurance Implementation; HCT, UAE
Managed ACBSP Accreditation; HCT, UAE
Key Roles in WASC and MSA Accreditation; UAEU, UAE & ISG, KSA
External Advisory Board/Academic Board
Admissions Committee
Student Disciplinary Committee
Budget/Procurement Committees
Chair of Space and Safety Committee
Academy for Leadership and Development; The Chair Academy, USA
Certificate Program in Marketing Management, Wits University, South Africa (Most Outstanding Student)
Extensive Training Courses/Workshops in recruitment and selection, performance appraisals, delegation, coaching and counseling, assertiveness, remuneration evaluation, time management and conflict management
Founding member of Rotary Club Gonubie, South Africa

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