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Dr. Hedyie Seval Akgün, MD, PhDs, MSc, CPHHA

Professor Akgun is a Professor of Public Health and Medicine in Baskent University School of Medicine and University of North Carolina-Pembroke, USA with more than 35 years of strong experience in public health, quality and accreditation in health care, patient safety and epidemiological studies including the assessment of burden of diseases and health and nutritional status indices. She is also a quality expert and serving Baskent University as their Chief Quality Officer for the university, 10 hospitals and 16 hemodialysis centers that belong to the University since 1997. During the past 20 plus years, Professor Akgun has been serving as an expert and evaluator for European Commission on its different programs e,g. Horizon 2020, Marie Curie, COST, Innovation and Research (EIT), Public Health, Food Quality and Safety and many more. She is working as a consultant in quality and accreditation in healthcare and higher education, hospital surveys, system assessments, gap analyses, healthcare reforms and performance measurements worldwide.

The variety of research topics she has addressed and working as a consultant with collaboration of several international technical supports, demonstrates the wide scope of her interests in public health, quality improvement and accreditation in higher education and health care. She serves many European, Turkish and international organizations as their advisor and committed to a comprehensive and holistic approach to health and education issues. She led a number of projects in Europe, the Middle East and Mediterranean Region, Central Asia and India including projects supported by World Bank, European Commission, DAAD and WHO on system reform in health and higher education, performance assessment, hospital surveying, and external reviewer of institutional and program accreditation programs among many more such projects. She worked as a lecturer at master programs on quality and accreditation in healthcare for Ministry of Health, KSA and working as a reviewer for NCAAA Educational Evaluation Commission, KSA and consulted more than 50 hospitals and universities in KSA, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Jordan and Turkey during their NCAAA, Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) and CBAHI processes. She has also PhD in Nutrition (from Netherland) and working as an evaluator for European Commission (EU F4-F7 Frameworks, Horizon 2020, Marie Curie actions, EIT Innovation in Health, Public Health, Food Quality and Safety panels etc.), Canadian Research Institute, Romanian, TUBITAK-Turkish and many other international Research institutes’ projects under different topics related health, innovation and higher education. As an international expert and researcher, Professor Akgun has been very active in the scientific presentation circles and has presented in excess of 200 presentations to a wide range of audiences world-wide. She is also a prolific writer and has to her credit more than 300 scientific articles and 17 books in such topics as quality and accreditation in health care and higher education, healthcare management, system assessment and design, strategic planning and data management.

Present position

  • Professor of Medicine, Baskent University
  • Adjunct Professor, University of North Carolina-Pembroke, USA.
  • Chief Quality Officer, Baskent University Hospitals Network (10 hospitals, 16 hemodialysis centers) · Occupational Health Specialist
  • Quality Coordinator, Baskent University schools, faculties and factories
  • Coordinator of In-Service Training at Baskent University Hospital Network
  • Coordinator of Calibration Laboratory, Facility Management and Employee Health Clinics at 10 hospitals within the Network
  • President, Health Care Academician Society- Ankara/ TURKEY
  • Auditor, National Accreditation System, School of Medicine, Turkey
  • Reviewer, NCAAA Educational Evaluation Commission – Higher Education Sector, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  
  • Consultant and Hospital Surveyor, Joint Commission Accreditation(JCIA) and CBAHI
  • Expert and evaluator, European Commission and many other national science and research institutes, evaluator of projects submitted to European Commission under FP5-7, Horizon 2020, EIT-Innovation in Health, CIHR-Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Romanian Scientific Institute, ROMANIA, La, Caixa Institute, SPAIN, Paris Fellowship Program, Latvian Council of Science, TUBITAK, Turkish Science and Technology Institute etc.
  • Expert on Migrant Health
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