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Facilities and Library

As an online university, St. Thomas University has its headquarters and project headquarters in North Carolina, and several learning centers located in strategic countries consistent with STU’s mission. STU’s learning centers, all telematically connected, function to coordinate and supervise learning activities in the area in which they are located and provide a physical place for students, faculty, and tutors to interact and meet.
The first learning center was opened in Italy in the city of Milan, in an area well served by public transportation, within the Città Studi Universitaria, which represents an educational place of excellence, cultural growth, and aggregation for the entire community of the metropolitan city of Milan.
The building that houses St. Thomas University responds to a concept of space custom-designed for online study. All environments dedicated to STU are created with multimedia design in the service of a teaching and learning method evolved toward the digitization of information. Each space dedicated to training and information is equipped with computing devices, wired, and equipped with touch monitors.
Learning centers will soon be established in Tunisia, Côte d’Ivoire, and Guinea Conakry.
As a virtual library with fully electronic resources and email support, the dedicated physical space is not needed to perform library duties and support university students and faculty successfully. Therefore library facilities will have adequate physical space, a librarian’s computer, and two library support staff members. The library will conduct individual assessments of library resources by the program to maintain current and relevant resources that support students enrolled in study licensure programs.
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